You own your playlist!

Amplify success and happiness and turn down the rest

It’s the start of the year and everyone is talking about their word of the year.

Mine is amplify!

To put it differently, imagine you’re in the driver’s seat of life and you get to choose the music. Every time a song comes on that you love, you can turn up the dial and amplify the sound. You also get to hit the next button on the ones you don’t like or play them softer.

This is what I am doing this year. I am controlling my playlist, I am the DJ in my life and I want you to be the DJ in yours!

The question is as the DJ in your life, what parts are you going to amplify? And, where are you going to turn down the volume?

Irrespective of what you decide you’re going to amplify, it’s going to take personal leadership and that looks like this:

  1. Identify how you want to feel when you arrive at the final destination.
  2. Define what action you will take to allow yourself to confidently curate the playlist that will create your desired vibe.
  3. Put in car rules for yourself, and others. Boundaries are required to make sure you control your playlist and that someone doesn’t start adjusting the dial on your behalf.
  4. When the songs are rubbish (that inevitably happens, it’s called life!) have a plan in place to know how you will manage that too.

I want you to be in the driver’s seat creating your soundtrack for 2023. At the end of the year when you get your ‘Top songs of 2023’ list, I want it to be full of awesomeness that you will celebrate with well into the future.

Do you want some help doing this?

Jump over to the Lead You Toolbox! Here you will find everything you need to make sure you have got control of the steering wheel and the playlist this year.

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