Fellow Pharmacists, I would like to tell you a story…

When I came to my role as a Pharmacist Manager, I was full of energy. I had a million ideas and was ready to set the store on fire (in a good way!). But, each time I thought we were climbing towards what I thought of as the holy grail of me doing a good job, (team cohesion, ticking the KPIs and creating sustainable growth), we would fall back down. I worked long hours, stayed back to catch up and felt that my success was defined by my ability to do everything and be everything to everyone. I now realise that this was a totally unrealistic expectation to set for myself and it cost me time with my family, friends and hobbies. I had my ‘work bucket’ overflowing but my other life buckets were near on empty. Even so, I kept plugging away because if I succeeded at fulfilling my own expectations that would be job satisfaction…right? It didn’t happen straight away, but over time, I started to have this feeling that I was drowning. I would stand in front of that dispense computer and feel like the store was eating me whole.

If this sounds like you, I want you to read this…
You are capable and worthy of job satisfaction just as much as the rest of your team. You can achieve the holy grail of team cohesion, ticking the KPIs, create sustainable growth AND LEAVE WORK ON TIME.   

How do I know this? I went from being the person who worked way too many unpaid hours and the person who thought she had to be strong for everyone to creating my own job satisfaction when I realised this fact:

 true leaders are vulnerable, don’t need to be everything to everyone and they ask for help.

People by nature want to help and I want to help you unlock your leadership skill set to improve your job satisfaction and restore your work/life balance. This success comes in a myriad of ways. It starts with tiny steps, like clearing your bench. Then it can grow by learning ways to improve your staff engagement and improving their skills.  This will afford you more time and the ability to focus on the things you can’t delegate as well as the things that bring you joy. Finally, the big one. Working with me can improve your leadership skillset in managing ‘up’ the chain. Learning how to communicate better with the management above me and harnessing the power of the right information paired with the right questions really unlocked my job satisfaction. I want to share with you how you can do this for yourself. If you blend all of these things together you can set the wheels in motion for creating a self-propelled culture in your team which will see them carry you as much as you carry them.

If you’re ready to restore your job satisfaction and reignite your spark for your career, I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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