My Coaching Philosophy

As a person who once was put in the same position as the many who have been thrust into leadership roles prior to being equipped with the right tools, I appreciate the struggle of creating a team who will follow you and also appreciate having to do what you can with what you know. I also know it doesn’t always need to be this way. I assist pharmacists and key personnel to avoid burnout and job dissatisfaction by helping optimise time and resources for big picture thinking.

It is my aim to help staff and stores by:

Increasing self and social awareness to improve leadership skills.

Challenging beliefs, thought processes and behaviours to ensure end goals are achieved.

Utilising my expertise and your knowledge of your business or situation to provide direction and motivation to help navigate challenges that may arise and keep the focus on the long-term plan.

Develop a plan upon which incremental change, rapport, trust and accountability can be built.

Science suggests leaders can be made, they are not only born. I will work with you or your staff to uncover attributes that already exist within, then help utilise them in ways that create more positive, competent and inspiring leaders.

My Commitment to my Clients

As your coach, it is my responsibility and commitment to you that I will:

Appreciate that you are the expert in your life and workplace. I will take what you can teach me about yourself and along with your creativity and resourcefulness, we will work together to gain positive outcomes and success.

Work to discover, appreciate and understand what you are wanting to achieve out of the coaching sessions and why you wish to achieve it.

Be fully present in our coaching sessions to best assist you in achieving your goals.

Listen to you vent, both positively and negatively, without judgement.

Share in your successes and your shortfalls to help you learn and navigate forward from any experience.

Honour your worth as a whole person constantly.

Take your goals and assist you in finding ways to achieve them through trusting, upskilling, reigniting and nurturing practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Pharmacist would benefit from engaging a coach?

Are you a Pharmacist Manager who struggles to create team cohesion, sustainable workflow changes or a positive workplace culture? Coaching is for you.

Are you a Pharmacist-in-Charge who feels like they’re not respected which in turn leaves you overwhelmed or feeling like you’re unable to effectively guide the team through a day? Coaching is for you.

Are you a Pharmacist wanting to upskill to continue your career trajectory with purpose? Coaching is for you.

Are you any Pharmacist working in a franchise/group store that struggles to articulate their, or their stores’ needs up the chain as opposed to down? Coaching is for you.

Are you an Owner who may not be in the store as often as they like and wants to find ways to connect with their staff more effectively? Coaching is for you.

Are you a franchise/group store BDM who is too busy with operational and logistic concerns and wants someone to help improve your staff engagement and buy in to in turn improve your logistical and operational success? Coaching is for you and your teams.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a bespoke partnership that works on helping you identify your own struggles and strengths, and works towards helping you achieve your own solutions. In coaching, we appreciate that you’re the expert in your shoes, living your life and understanding the nuances that go on in your Pharmacy. It is my job as your coach to help guide you to find solutions that fit you and your situation. Coaching is bespoke and does not subscribe to the ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

When I sign up, what is the process?

I suggest you submit your order for a one hour free discovery session. This session will allow us to get to know each other a bit more. Remember, coaching is a partnership! I will want to get to know a bit about you professionally and personally, what brought you here and what you aim to achieve. I will also explain in more detail what coaching is, my role and what you can expect.

After this, if you are ready to take the leap to a better leadership future, together we can formulate a plan for the number of coaching sessions and the frequency with which you wish to engage them. I will send you a contract outlining what we have discussed, my responsibilities as coach, and yours as the coachee.

Each coaching session goes for one hour. After each coaching session, you can expect a written summary of what we spoke of and likely some ‘homework’ that you have identified for yourself. This is generally practical things that will move you further towards your overall goal.

What if after a few sessions I feel it’s not for me?

Though coaching is a really supportive process, sometimes it pushes us out of our comfort zone by asking difficult questions or putting a spotlight on areas of our life (professional or personal) that we need to work on or we simply don’t like. If you feel you’re too far outside your comfort zone, talk to me! I will be your biggest support! But, if you feel that coaching is really not for you, that’s ok. I offer the first three paid sessions with a free cancellation policy. All I ask is you pay for the time we have already spent.

What does TURN Pharmacy Leadership bring to the table?

As the person behind TURN Pharmacy Leadership, I bring to the table:

A Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Leadership and Business Coach Qualification (affiliated with the International Coaching Federation)

Over 10 years Pharmacy leadership, mentoring and management experience.

Experience in developing Community Pharmacy Frontline Managers and key store personnel resulting in enhanced skill sets that in turn have improved staff engagement and business outcomes.

a solid understanding and proven success in staff engagement, buy-in and acceptance of change.

Understanding and development of self-esteem and emotional intelligence that in turn leads to better, more profitable Pharmacy outcomes.

Experience in all facets of Community Pharmacy

Development and execution of individual and team goal setting tools.

Hands on experience in improving processes and efficiencies which increases the success of solidifying change to Pharmacy.

How do I pay?

Once you have decided that you’re all in, if you choose one of the ‘off the shelf’ packages or courses you can pay via the website. Alternatively, if you choose something more bespoke, I will complete an invoice for you.

Still want to know more?

Book a free discovery session.

Interested in knowing how we can help you?

For an obligation-free chat, contact us…

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