Are you suffering from burnout?

In the lesson ‘What is Burnout’, we learnt the World Health Organisation’s definition of burnout. We also looked at a scenario of what burnout may look like for a Pharmacist. But, how do you know if you’re suffering from burnout? The truth is, burnout isn’t the same for everyone. In reality, you can think of the path to burnout as a see-saw. Sometimes as stress increases and triggers aren’t acknowledged the see-saw tips in favour of burnout, other days when you address triggers and exercise self-care, the see-saw tips in the favour of balance and positive well-being. Burnout really occurs when the see-saw stays tipped in its favour for a longer period of time rather than a day here or there. This is why identifying your personal triggers and symptoms of burnout are important to know and reflect upon regularly. Within this kit, there are many opportunities to reflect on where you are currently and then address how you may move forward. Below is a list of some symptoms that you may experience in burnout. Have a look at this list and see how likely it is you may be experiencing burnout. If you would like a printable version, you can find it in the ‘Materials’ section at the top of this page.