Choose from TURN Pharmacy Leadership’s premade toolboxes to help develop your leadership skills or create your own to choose your own personal development path.

The Essentials Toolbox

Are you looking for a course that will equip you with the tools and skills to better lead yourself in your career? Look no further than The Essentials Toolbox. This personal development course provides pharmacists and pharmacy assistants with the tools they need to set boundaries, communicate effectively, show up authentically, restore balance, increase resilience, and protect from burnout. Take control of your life and career today.

The Lead You Toolbox

Do you want to be ready to take advantage of full scope of practice and the opportunities coming your way but not burnout in the process? The Lead You Toolbox is the ultimate resource for pharmacists and pharmacy assistants looking to develop their self-leadership skills and build confidence, balance, and positivity in their careers and lives. With this toolbox, you can learn to become a better leader of yourself to minimise your risk of burnout and embody the culture, attitude and accountability you wish to see in your workplace. Whether it’s strategic goal-setting or building strong relationships with colleagues and clients, The Lead You Toolbox has the tools you need to take charge today.

The Lead Others Toolbox

With The Lead Others Toolbox, you have all the tools you need to take your professional and clinical leadership abilities to new heights. This comprehensive course is designed to guide you in effectively engaging with and leading others, creating meaningful change, and inspiring the best in your team. With The Lead Others Toolbox, ‘if only’ will no longer be a thought but a reality. Unlock the potential of yourself and those around you.

Build Your Own Custom Toolbox

Are you ready to make the next step on your journey to success? Take control of your own future with ‘Your Custom Toolbox’, where you can hand-pick the courses that best suit your individual needs and equip yourself with the confidence and skills to reach for the stars. Start building your perfect leadership development experience now.

The Complete Leader’s Toolbox

Unlock your potential and take control of your own success with the essential life and leadership skills you need to thrive in today’s pharmacy environment. Improve professional collaboration, prevent burnout and restore job satisfaction, increase your confidence and accountability, and build a powerful network as you grow into an influential pharmacy leader – it all starts with mastering the tools that are available to you. With the right set of skills, you can make powerful ripples throughout our industry for yourself, for others, and for everyone around you. With the Complete Leader’s Toolbox, you can start creating your own shift today.