Three Things That Support Pharmacy Innovation

In the ever-changing pharmacy landscape, you only need to look at the new professional practice standards to know that those pharmacies that are ready to innovate have just been given the framework for pharmacists to do so.

While clinical and logistical aspects are essential, the key to to innovating amidst uncertainty lies in the mindset of your team. As a manager, owner, or a member of the leadership team, your role in preparing for the future starts today.

Here are three elements that can support your team and pave the way for innovation in your pharmacy.

1. Foster Self-Esteem and Belonging

For people to feel they have the courage and capacity for change they first need to have the confidence to do so. Many human behaviour theories highlight this simple fact, yet it is something often overlooked. Investing in improving people’s self-esteem, safety and confidence will help them remain agile and courageous, even when inevitable hiccups occur. The other thing that comes with self-esteem and belonging is the willingness to speak up. Innovation doesn’t only come from the top down. The best ideas may come from the floor.

2. Clarify the ‘Why’ and ‘How’

In our pharmacies, our ‘why’ or our mission statement should be clear and unwavering. All staff should know and understand this. Once this is understood it provides a strong basis for staff to understand ‘how’ they contribute, making the endpoints (what they do) easier to adjust. Yes, upskilling and adaptation will be required, but, without understanding the purpose (the why) and their contribution (how), change will likely be met with confusion as it will likely seem that a change is for change’s sake as opposed to something that can be tied to the extensive work that has come before.

3. Cultivate Inspired Performance

Positive emotions are the driving force behind effective innovation. When we take the time to empower our team by helping them understand the value they bring to the workplace and why it’s important. These emotions allow people to be adaptable, confident, creative and resilient. While the list could go on, the easiest way to sum this up is what you yield from helping others understand their purpose and contribution in the pharmacy all form core components of psychological safety.

Psychological safety allows for interpersonal risk-tasking which is a non-negotiable for high-performing teams.

It’s time for action

To get started today:

  1. Define Your Pharmacy’s Purpose: Clearly articulate your pharmacy’s mission. What do you aim to achieve beyond dispensing medications?
  2. Identify Individual Contributions: Identify how each team member contributes to fulfilling this purpose, acknowledging their unique skills and efforts.
  3. Communicate it! Take the time to share this feedback and information with your team. Ensure everyone understands the meaningful role they play, even amidst challenges. Regular reminders reinforce their importance.

Innovation in your pharmacy starts BEFORE you set the plan.

It starts with empowering your team.

By fostering a deep sense of purpose, belonging, and psychological safety, you’re not just preparing for change – you’re embracing it. As a leader, you hold the vital role of nurturing these qualities within your team. Your ability to innovate depends on it.

Upskill your leaders. Give them the tools to help them and your pharmacy thrive, innovate and grow.

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