TURN Pharmacy Leadership is about empowering people to become game-changers in their lives, their workplaces and their communities. We are extremely grateful to our clients who have shared how we have helped them fulfil their own potential.

After completing the Community Pharmacist Leadership Coaching Circle I no longer feel overwhelmed and inadequate as a leader.

Pharmacist Manager, VIC

Chantelle was able to distil my rambling into a succinct problem and give suggestions for how to proceed, including several courses of action I hadn’t considered before. She was also very flexible and understanding, in organising a session at short notice. I look forward to having further sessions to cover other things we didn’t have time to discuss. Thanks Chantelle!

GC, Pharmacist, SA

I have made changes that I never thought I would make and it feels surreal.

Pharmacist Manager, VIC

Chantelle is an incredibly compassionate, intuitive and effective coach. She skillfully helped me find the courage to stop avoiding conflict and to have a difficult conversation with my new partner. She also helped me prioritize the steps to take to build my coaching business, resulting in a new very strategic client. I would recommend Chantelle to anyone feeling stuck in their life and looking for a safe place to create change.

Business Owner, Canada

Working with Chantelle has been an extremely positive experience. I have felt supported and empowered as I transition through a change in my career path. I recommend Chantelle’s coaching services to any pharmacist looking for increased job satisfaction or support in taking their career in a new direction.

General Practice Pharmacist, QLD

I would recommend the Community Pharmacist Leadership Coaching Circle to anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves and the best Pharmacist they can be, which I’m sure is everyone. The skills taught are applicable to anyone at any stage of their career.

Pharmacist Manager, QLD

Thank you for everything. Growing these (leadership) skills are actually life-changing.

Pharmacist in Charge, VIC

Prior to working with Chantelle, I experienced confusion, self-doubt and anxiety surrounding my work. She helped me understand my workplace goals and I now have greater confidence in my work…I would recommend Chantelle to anyone who is struggling to articulate what they are not enjoying about their work. I would also recommend Chantelle to businesses with staff who are not performing to a standard and do not seem happy.

Courtney, Pharmacist, NSW

Before working with Chantelle I was all over the place and my ideas were scattershot, Chantelle has helped me see the light. She opened me up to ways I can use to be more organized I’m feeling more confident now that I started to put some of the coaching ideas in practice. I would strongly recommend Chantelle to anyone who wants to widen their horizons. xx

General Practice Pharmacist, NSW

Chantelle is kind and compassionate but that doesn’t make her appear weak. She has good listening skills and is non-judgmental. She works with people but still manages to get the best from them. She also has limits without being limiting. She treats confidentiality as a right and maintains relationships without favouritism. She gives her knowledge in a personal way that doesn’t make others feel like lesser persons. Chantelle strives to make goals that are achievable using varying skills across the various staff and is able to diffuse situations without resorting to hard measures. Chantelle pulls teams together in times of great adversity. Personally, Chantelle helped me see things from a different perspective. She has a lot to give.

Barbara, Retail Manager, QLD

As some who describes herself as ‘Born for community Pharmacy’ I can spot value just glancing through … Thanks for putting this together.

Pharmacist Manager, SA

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