Team Development

A high-functioning pharmacy team is the difference between survival and unviable.

Pharmacy teams are shrinking, a transient workforce is becoming the norm and pharmacies continue to do more with less. There is no time for confusion, inefficiency and information being lost in translation (or not shared at all).

Minimise misunderstandings, build trust and work with greater efficiency and speed. Turn diversity from a painful liability into your most powerful asset with a team development program backed by a multi-award winning, internationally renowned framework.

In this fun, practical and logical three-part program, unlock the power of a multi-award winning behavioural model to make people more productive, compatible and happy.

Guided by your expert facilitator participants will:

  • Attend an introduction to Global DISC workshop where they will be introduced to what, how and why we communicate and behave the way we do.
  • Undergo an individual Global DISC Assessment and Debrief
  • Participating in the Fast Teaming workshop to identify the collective group behaviours (culture) and learn to work with their and others’ Personality Passport.

I’m sure you’re thinking…

1. “But we don’t have time.”
2. “We can’t afford it.”

  • 35% of the payroll is lost in disengagement
  • Over 40% of people say poor communication reduces trust in leaders in their team.*
  • Nearly 50% of people say poor communication negatively impacts job satisfaction.*
  • 86% per cent blame ineffective communication for workplace failures**
  • What’s the emotional, physical and fiscal cost not to?

We understand finding time in Pharmacy is hard. That’s why…

  • We have flexible virtual, in-person or hybrid delivery options
  • Offer a short and a long-format group debrief option

Why Global DISC™️?


People think, behave and work in such different ways that it causes stress, conflicts, and disengagement and this challenge multiples across various cultural groups.

Global DISC™️ gives you the blueprint to leverage those differences and rapidly drive engagement, teamwork, customer service and sales.


Diversity is the greatest asset or liability depending on the level of cultural intelligence. People have different ways of solving problems which can be a force for good or for destruction. Global DISC™️ turns diversity into an inclusive environment where people are compatible, productive and happy.


Complexity is the enemy of execution. Global DISC™️ seamlessly integrates the latest business data and academic research into a practical framework.

About Your Facilitator

Chantelle is a Pharmacist Leadership Coach and an accredited Global DISC™️ Partner. She combines her Pharmacist Manager experience with further education in emotional and cultural intelligence to provide practical and implementable leadership development training for pharmacists and pharmacy teams.

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