How to Acknowledge and Defuse a Staff Member (POSITIVELY!)

I’ll set the scene for you…it’s 11.45, you have 10 script baskets in the queue, an order to complete (you haven’t started), Mr Smith coming back for his DAA in half an hour (still haven’t checked it), your dispense tech is about to go to lunch AND one staff member in your ear about their MAJOR problem of no stock… or too much stock… or their email won’t send… or POS will not generate the report they NEED (you get the drift). As managers or leaders within a Pharmacy, it is likely that you have been in the middle of this scenario at least once, if not often! In these cases, it is all too easy to ignore, fob off or snap at our colleague. But there is a better way! By drawing on some emotionally intelligent leadership skills, the situation can have a positive outcome for all.