From interns to owners, pharmacy assistants to retail managers, we support their development journey.

Chantelle has a big dream and a clear aim.

To make effective leadership skills accessible and understandable to ensure that every stakeholder in community pharmacies benefits.

Effective leaders know that emotional intelligence is a
‘must-have’ skill not an ‘optional extra’.

EI Leadership in Pharmacies looks like

✅ A team full of brand ambassadors

✅ An increase in staff skillsets

✅ Staff become leaders which results in increased autonomy and fewer calls to the manager on their days off.

✅ Improved staff engagement leading to increased profit

✅ Streamlined workflows

✅ Open, multidirectional communication ending in higher goal achievement and action planning across all areas of the pharmacy

✅ Reduction in stock shrinkage

✅ Improved staff retention

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