TURN Pharmacy Leadership was born of a passion project.

Chantelle has a big dream and a clear aim.

To make effective leadership skills accessible and understandable to ensure that every stakeholder in community pharmacies benefits.

Read on… to hear more of Chantelle’s story

When I started out as a new Pharmacist Manager, I had passion and motivation. I was a great pharmacist and had amazing relationships with my team.

But then…

I realised, the days were becoming longer, I was taking on more, and staff got along but weren’t engaging in planned change. I started to sense divide within the team and putting out spot fires seemed to be an unwanted mainstay in my day.

So I tried…

❌Pleading than demanding on loop
❌Incentivising compliance
❌Another staff meeting
❌Another performance review

❌Analysing more reports
❌Coming in earlier and staying later
❌Internal bargaining

This was not sustainable and I found myself living my own burnout story…

I told myself, “there must be a better way to be a more effective leader.”

Since then, I have found the answers I searched for and am ready to share them with you…

Effective leaders know that emotional intelligence is a
‘must-have’ skill not an ‘optional extra’.

EI Leadership in Pharmacies looks like

✅ A team full of brand ambassadors

✅ An increase in staff skillsets

✅ Staff become leaders which results in increased autonomy and fewer calls to the manager on their days off.

✅ Improved staff engagement leading to increased profit

✅ Streamlined workflows

✅ Open, multidirectional communication ending in higher goal achievement and action planning across all areas of the pharmacy

✅ Reduction in stock shrinkage

✅ Improved staff retention


What Clients Are Saying

“Chantelle was able to distil my rambling into a succinct problem and give suggestions for how to proceed, including several courses of action I hadn’t considered before. She was also very flexible and understanding, in organising a session at short notice. I look forward to having further sessions to cover other things we didn’t have time to discuss. Thanks Chantelle!”

GC, Pharmacist

“Working with Chantelle has been an extremely positive experience. I have felt supported and empowered as I transition through a change in my career path. I recommend Chantelle’s coaching services to any pharmacist looking for increased job satisfaction or support in taking their career in a new direction.”

MS, General Practice Pharmacist

Before working with Chantelle I was all over the place and my ideas were scattershot, Chantelle has helped me see the light. She opened me up to ways I can use to be more organized I’m feeling more confident now that I started to put some of the coaching ideas in practice. I would strongly recommend Chantelle to anyone who wants to widen their horizons.”

MY, Pharmacist

“Thank you for everything. Growing these (leadership) skills are actually life-changing.”

AN, Pharmacist in Charge

If you would like to know more about how EI leadership development is the key to your growth, satisfaction and sustainability.
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