Emotional Intelligence

The Value Proposition

11 October 2022

9AM – 9.45AM AEST

About the Webinar

TURN Pharmacy Leadership is delighted to invite you to join our special webinar

‘Emotional Intelligence – the Value Proposition’.

This free virtual event is aimed at Pharmacy Owners, Pharmacist Managers, Business Development Managers, Human Resource Departments and Leaders who want to gain a deeper understanding of why emotional intelligence has been identified as a critical employment skill of the future and the value of implementing it.

11 October 2022
9 am – 9.45 am AEST
Virtual Event

What to expect

In this session we will explore:

➡️ Examples of how emotional intelligence can be applied in community pharmacy settings

➡️ The benefits of increasing emotional intelligence within your workforce

➡️ What return on investment can be expected from developing your workforce’s emotional intelligence

➡️ How the Emotionally Intelligent Pharmacy Leader Program is structured and can be implemented within your business to increase leadership effectiveness.

Meet the Speaker

Chantelle Turner

Pharmacist, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Leadership Coach

Chantelle is a pharmacist, emotional intelligence practitioner, leadership coach and the founder of TURN Pharmacy Leadership, a leadership coaching business created by a pharmacist for community pharmacies. Through her business, Chantelle fulfils her purpose of empowering pharmacists and key personnel to become game-changers in their lives, their workplaces and their communities.

By her colleagues and her clients, Chantelle has been described as an inspiring and passionate leader who helps others fulfil their potential by seeing opportunities and perspectives that would not have otherwise seen. The insight she brings is built from first-hand experience, long days and hard lessons learned, as well as a personal ongoing pursuit for growth and competence.

While Chantelle has never been a Pharmacy Owner, she has never subscribed to the ‘us’ versus ‘them’ debate. Through her business values of trust, upskilling, reigniting and nurturing, she aims to bring everyone to the table to find common ground, growth and success for all and at the expense of no one.

About TURN Pharmacy Leadership

TURN Pharmacy Leadership helps pharmacists and key personnel become game-changers in their lives, their workplaces and their communities by helping them build emotionally intelligent leadership skills that benefit individuals and businesses together.

Through one-on-one coaching, leadership and emotional intelligence develop TURN Pharmacy Leadership is helping change the landscape of pharmacy, developing a positive, resilient, capable workforce for today and the future.

Register for the event and receive a free Emotional Culture Index Assessment for your Pharmacy (optional)

At a collective level, emotions affect your bottom line. They also influence whether you have a low or high-performing team.

The Emotional Culture Index measures three dimensions of emotion at work:

1. Current Emotions

2. Fair and Reasonable Emotions

3. Ideal Emotions

You will receive your results one day prior to the event. During the webinar, we will explore what these emotions mean for your team and your business. Most importantly, we will explore what you can do to either nurture what you already have or build what is required.

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If you cannot attend, the session will be recorded.