Discovery Session

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Get ready to dip your toe into a world of possibilities awaiting you and your future leadership self.

Duration : 1 HOUR

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You’ve probably clicked on this because you crave or know there is something more and are curious to see whether this may be ‘it’. Join me to take a peek behind the curtain and see what an exciting journey of self-discovery and professional growth leadership coaching awaits you. Leadership coaching will benefit you and any store you work in. This may culminate as:

  • increased job satisfaction for you and others
  • greater work/life balance
  • improved buy-in and team cohesion
  • aligning your big vision with the day-to-day
  • a deeper understanding of what you and/or your store is trying to achieve 
  • sustainable change
  • time to focus on the things you want instead of being swept up in the everyday

Together we will identify your goals and create plans on the best way to get there. From here, if you choose to continue with coaching, we will begin to make these goals a reality by stripping back the layers, getting creative and using your intimate knowledge about your store and your place within it. Remember, you don’t need to be a manager to lead nor do you need management aspirations to gain benefit from leadership coaching.

Partnering with me will ensure you have a number one supporter riding the highs and lows of your journey and helping keep you accountable. Before ticking KPIs there is a wealth of things to explore. Come and discover what coaching can do for you. 

After completing your ‘order’ at the checkout I will send you some pre-work to complete. Once you complete this, we will arrange a time to meet.

We will complete your discovery session via Zoom or in-person if you are in the Townsville area.


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