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At work, what is currently impossible to do that, if it were possible, would change everything? This coaching kit will explore this and so much more. Coaching is all about you and this is exactly what this kit is about! A custom package is designed around the number of coaching sessions you would like, the frequency at which they occur and what you wish to achieve. I can arrange something for most budgets. Contact me for more info.

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Pharma Leaders a question if I may…

At work, what is currently impossible to do that, if it were possible, would change everything?

Don’t know? If you did know, what would the answer be? Your answer may be, “if only I could finish work on time and not feel guilty, I wouldn’t be so anxious”. Or, “if I could just get my staff to understand why being involved in our service delivery is so important, I wouldn’t be as worried about our long-term viability”. Realistically, the answer to this question has infinite possibilities. What is also infinite is the possible solutions to these problems. This is where coaching comes in. Coaching helps you be the hero in your own story. A leader among managers. My Custom Coaching Kit can help you tap into your vision, then challenge and guide you through a framework that can help generate your own solutions.

Community Pharmacy is unique. I have lived your juggling act that is filled with struggles as well as those fist pump moments. I also understand that while we all work in teams, finding someone in-store who has the time to be used as a sounding board, an accountability buddy or a voice of reason is tough. This custom coaching kit is my top-level kit and will be all of this and more for you. After completing a free discovery session and identifying the goals you wish to work on, we can create a bespoke plan just for you that will look at creating game plans to execute.

What to expect

In this coaching kit, I will guide you through a framework that will improve your leadership skills and the overall success of your Pharmacy. I will take you back well before the KPIs or the reports and will help you find ground zero of the problem. Once you find the base level is found, I will then help you to start building towards your vision. Don’t be fooled, this may sound like it is only going to benefit the business. I guarantee, coaching will benefit you first.

Improved leadership skills lead to increased job satisfaction.

Each coaching session is 1 hour. At the end of this hour, you will set your own goals to work towards before the next session. You are in the box seat of your own journey of growth. As your coach, I will be there challenging you, holding you accountable and acting as your personal cheer squad. The real beauty of this kit is you can decide how many sessions you would like and the frequency at which we meet. If it needs adjustment along the way we can organise that too. Not only will we meet either face to face or via Zoom, but I will also provide you with meeting notes after each session and worksheets to use along the way and customise as you see fit.

Something to think about

If you want to go to the next level in your chosen sport, you would seek out a sports coach. If you need money advice, you would seek out an accountant. When you need to improve your leadership skills for your own personal wellbeing and enhance your ability to influence your own job satisfaction, your Pharmacies team cohesion, buy-in or profit why not seek out a specialised Pharmacist Leadership Coach.

I understand this is a financial investment for either yourself or your staff but consider this...what will it cost you if you don’t? 


The price of the Custom Kit varies with the number of coaching sessions chosen. Please contact me for further information. If you choose the Custom Coaching Kit after your free discovery session, a personalised invoice will be emailed to you. 

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3 session package

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5 session package

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10 session package

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