Community Pharmacist Leadership Coaching Circle

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As we climb the career ladder, somewhere along the way we are just expected to know how to lead teams, lead stores and more importantly lead ourselves with purpose along the path we pave for ourselves. This expectation fails Pharmacists, fails stores and fails staff. This course is here to change that. It will teach you skills not found in any CPD and is the missing piece of the puzzle that can increase job satisfaction, drive success, prevent burnout, increase staff engagement and allow you to be the best Pharmacist you can be. Are you ready?

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Whether you’re a Pharmacist looking for a way to take ownership of your career trajectory, your job satisfaction and your ability to lead a team or an owner or business development manager looking to upskill your Pharmacist staff to improve productivity, efficiency or revenue, this course is for you. To learn everything you need to know about this course and have a sneak peek inside, click the link below.

Community Pharmacist Leadership Coaching Circle – TURN Pharmacy Leadership


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