Setting goals is the
first step in turning the
invisible into
the visible.
– Tony Robbins

Sometimes, when we’re caught up being busy in the everyday grind we forget to take time to stop and consider where we’re going.

In this lesson module, I will show you a proven way to formulate your goals for success.

This process is called ‘reverse engineering’. In this process, you will learn how to explore a future vision, potential goals and interrogate reality through powerful questions. In doing so, you begin will dissect the big picture to find ground zero and chart an action plan.

While this module will be focused on you and your goal, this process can be replicated with your staff to identify meaningful goals to collectively work towards. The module will draw on a transformational leadership approach and use emotional intelligence skills such as self-awareness and self-reflection. It will also help you to flex a few of the emotionally intelligent leadership styles. Specifically, affiliate, coaching and democratic style leadership.

I look forward to sharing the fundamentals of how to reverse engineer then taking you on a coaching journey in our live coaching session to encourage you to seek the answers that already lie within.