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It is very important to understand that
emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head – it is the unique intersection of both.

– David Caruso

I chose this quote because it optimises what we have been working towards over the last couple of months.

Combining IQ and EQ to transform our leadership and our teams for the greater good of everyone involved.

While I want to tell you that there is a simple formula to leadership success that we will wrap up in a bow, I can’t. It takes adaptability, intuition, internal strength as well as self and situational awareness. In this session, we are going to rehash where we have been and add the final ingredients to set you and your teams up for long-term success.

Over the last five modules, you have learnt how to keep the big picture in view while working on the day to day, communicate more effectively and set goals in a way that brings people on board organically. You identified how to acknowledge barriers to people’s input and help them understand them rather than issuing staff with demands or ultimatums. All of these learnings have been underpinned by the principles of emotionally intelligent and transformational leadership.

I’m looking forward to bringing home our last module strong!