Between now and ideal – a visualisation exercise

To get where you’re going, you have to know where you’re headed. Sounds obvious right? When we get caught in the hustle of every day, we tend to forget to stop and look where we’re going and the path we’re going to take to get there. Think about when you are heading to a destination you have never been before. If you’re told the suburb it’s in, you might get close to where you need to go, but you may also end up a few blocks over. If, however, you’re given the exact address and take the time to plan your route beforehand, it’s likely that you’ll get there unscathed. Or, if you do deviate from the path, you’ll be able to find your way back. Knowing where you’re headed is exactly the same. Saying you want ‘balance’ or ‘less stress’ is great however it’s so broad and vague you can sometimes get lost along the way. Pair that with the fact that burnout impairs our ability for clear thought and decision making and you can end up only lost but stuck on a roundabout!

In this exercise, I am going to guide you through a visualisation exercise to help you compare where you are now and what your ideal day looks like. From here, we’re going to begin to explore how you can create it. To help you delve deeper into what you uncover through the exercise, print out the visualisation worksheet in the materials section too.

Listen to the visualisation exercise