Master a set of skills that will make you more successful in your career and in life.
…Master leadership skills…

Many Pharmacists tell me they are looking to technically upskill to take advantage of the opportunities both in and outside Community Pharmacy. Their desire is for something ‘better’. They are restless and tired. Fuelling this, is job dissatisfaction, frustrations dealing with staff, lack of opportunities, burnout and increasing workloads. This leads many to think that the antidote might be a change of pace or a change in role.

Is this you?

What if I told you that changing workplace or gaining another technical skill isn’t necessarily going to solve your problem? The next workplace could have the same frustrating staff member now wearing different clothes. You might feel refreshed for a little bit but if your old habits of taking on everything, staying late and neglecting self-care haven’t changed, the challenges you left, will become the challenges you have all over again.

So what is the answer?

Before technical skills can be used to their potential, we need life skills. Skills that allow us to:
Communicate in a way to be heard and understood by your superiors, colleagues and those you manage.
Be aware of our emotions and how they impact our behaviour and our performance.
Empower others by providing support and feedback in a way that contributes to a positive environment.
Develop resiliency by learning to control our emotions, improve our performance and take ownership of how we manage our time and resources.
Appreciate others’ perspectives, value differences and be empathetic to those around us.

Why is this important?

To master these skills is to master leadership skills. Whether we realise it or not, we are all leaders. Leaders of ourselves and leaders of others. When we take ownership of this we take the steering wheel and are able to have more power and influence over our circumstances than we ever thought possible.

This affords you choice and the ability to decide how…

You respond in challenging situations (yes, you are capable of saying no!)
You engage your team (no, being a dictator or pleading aren’t the only two options)
You manage your time (you are capable of getting more done than you think)
You build relationships to hold influence in teams (even if you are a locum, the intern or any other ‘non-managing’ role)
You frame problems and view opportunities (there is always more than one perspective)

With these skills come freedoms

Leadership is not a title or a position, it is an action, a way of being. It is the way you show up for yourself and for others. – Chantelle Turner

Here is a bold question for you…

Are you ready to take ownership and lead yourself and others in a way that is authentically you?

TURN Pharmacy Leadership presents…

The Leader’s Toolbox comprises seven individual courses full of evidence-based tools to help you become a confident, positive, resilient leader of yourself and others.

Each course is designed to complement the other courses in the toolbox or stand on its own to provide you with information and tools in the areas of leadership that interest you most.

Course Features

Flexible Learning

Simple user interface
Access content on any device
Purchase courses individually or as a package
Digest how much you want, when you want with short, easily accessible lessons

Practical Application

Each course comes equipped with a workbook to help implement your learnings
Actual Pharmacy examples utilised throughout
Powerful yet simple concepts that can be easily executed

Relevant & Reliable Information

Each course is aligned to Professional Pharmacy Practice Standards Competencies
Learning Objectives & Quizzes and Certificates make Group 2 CPD recording simple.
Evidence-based, proven tools to help you practice and lead more effectively

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