Leadership Development

Transform your Pharmacists and key personnel into the emotionally intelligent leaders required to keep your pharmacy humming.

Many pharmacies invest in short-term solutions or incentives that aren’t solving their staffing crisis or creating the sustainable change they searching for.
Instead, learn how you can increase staff retention, team engagement, productivity and a store’s bottom line irrespective of the challenges that lay ahead by providing a leadership development solution that will inspire managers to become effective leaders now and into the future.

At TURN Pharmacy Leadership, we appreciate that as a manager, BDM or owner, you are tired of…

  • being told to invest in staff training and education to help develop resilient staff, mentally healthy workplaces and reduce burnout.
  • reading all the research and implementing where you can, and still not achieving your desired result.
  • getting tainted with the same broad brush that puts community pharmacy managers, franchises, owners and staff on opposing teams.
  • trying to find a way forward, but being met with resistance over and over again.

We also appreciate that you’re doing the best you can with the resources you have.

Now you’re looking for a longer-term solution to support the managers and staff in your pharmacy. With that comes challenges…

You want to attract and retain your staff as well as grow their skills so…

Here is a bold question for you…

What if you could help your staff move from being transactional leaders, focussing only on tasks and spot fires and instead, provide them with skills that are proven to improve absenteeism, staff retention, productivity, efficiency, emotional and mental well-being, flexibility, employee satisfaction, engagement and buy-in?

What if, you could show you’re all on the same team?

Let me show you how.

TURN Pharmacy Leadership presents…

Intended Outcomes

Emotional Intelligence is a learnt skill. Think of it like a muscle, the more it is used, the stronger it gets. Throughout this program, Chantelle will guide the participant through understanding where their behaviours currently serve them to lead effectively and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Evidence shows that leaders with higher emotional intelligence drive better team performance, higher productivity and profit growth. Evidence also shows that individuals with higher emotional intelligence have improved job satisfaction, lower levels of burnout and better overall mental and emotional well-being.

By participating in this course, these outcomes will be fostered through increased awareness of the six emotional intelligence competencies and practical tools and strategies to leverage them.

People who have worked with TURN Pharmacy Leadership, specifically Pharmacist Managers and Pharmacists-in-Charge, have called their newfound skills ‘life-changing.’

Who should enrol?

This program is for the leaders or emerging leaders within your pharmacies. These people will include but are not limited to:

  • Owners
  • Business Development Managers
  • Frontline Pharmacists, Pharmacists-in-charge & Pharmacist Managers
  • Retail Managers
  • Aspiring or Emerging Leaders
We suggest Implementing this program with leaders at the top of the leadership command and then move towards other staff with leadership positions to ensure that managers have the capacity to promote emotionally intelligent workplaces and in time positively influence the actions and the conversations of their team.

“Emotional Intelligence is described as a critical skill for effective leaders.
Pharmacies that invest in these skills develop a sustainable, competitive advantage through building a high- performance culture of people who are signficantly more engaged and who feel valued, cared for, proud and motivated.”

If you would like to know more about how EI leadership development is the key to your growth, satisfaction and sustainability.
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