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Transform your career and maximise job satisfaction with our self-paced courses that will give you the essential tools to get unstuck, create energy and lead with greater direction, purpose and empathy. Be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Emotional Intelligence Leadership & You

Harness the power of emotions and perform at your best. Through this short yet powerful course, you will gain insights into how our emotions shape the way we perceive others, gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our reactions to different situations, become more self-aware, and master emotionally intelligent behaviours that can be leveraged for growth.

Lead Yourself

Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenge of leading yourself through life and your career? Lead Yourself is a personal development course that provides pharmacists and pharmacy assistants with the tools, confidence, and agency to make lasting changes and reach their desired goals. The course offers practical strategies to cope with the pressures of pharmacy and to help to reduce professional burnout.

Understand Human Behaviour

Navigating a sea of icebergs requires being aware of what lies beneath the surface. In leadership, the same applies – we must acknowledge that the behaviour of others is influenced by their unseen beliefs and feelings. Not understanding this could lead to negative consequences in team cohesion, engagement and more. This course will teach how to use different theories to effectively search for meaning in people’s behaviours and create positive changes in the workplace environment.

Lead Others

Creating long-term team success is often difficult for pharmacists as they lack the right tools to achieve it. This can negatively impact their job satisfaction, well-being and team morale. This course provides the tools needed to learn how to galvanise teams and create long-term success by cultivating psychological safety, building trust and fostering collaboration in order to develop a strong team culture.

Plan, Execute, Achieve

Working in a reactive environment can make it difficult to accomplish meaningful goals. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, constantly behind, and frustrated due to the lack of time and space to focus on where you want to go. Plan, Execute, Achieve is offered as an alternative solution with tools that can help prioritize goals and build plans to focus on what makes you happy and fulfilled at work.

Enhancing Engagement

The Enhancing Engagement leadership development course is designed for leaders to help them empower and engage their team members. It provides practical tools and techniques to help improve involvement from team members, as well as emotional intelligence principles and simple frameworks to foster the five key elements of engagement. Ultimately, this leads to increased productivity, reduced staff burnout, improved morale and better job satisfaction. With these tools, leaders can inspire change in the workplace by having inspiring conversations with those around them.

Effective Communication

Communicating effectively with others, especially in important conversations, can be difficult. This struggle can make it challenging to express ideas and feelings clearly, leading to misunderstandings and potential conflicts. It may even mean you compromise your boundaries. The Effective Communication – For Authentic Conversations course helps people learn how to confidently and authentically communicate in any situation.

These courses are designed to stand alone and also enhance your learning when combined. Choose from TURN Pharmacy Leadership’s premade toolboxes to help broaden your learning or create your own.