Are you the person who doesn’t have enough time? The one who does things themselves because they feel they can do it quicker. Or, maybe you feel bad asking someone to do something that you can do. Maybe, you would love to train someone else but don’t think you have the time.

If this is you, I see you…I was once you too. Before I burnt out.  

A behaviour that I thought was coming from a place of protection of my workplace and my staff, was actually a symptom of me failing to take the bigger picture into account when decision making. This is a key emotionally intelligent behaviour that I thought I was pretty good at, but in the moments where it could yield the biggest impact, I didn’t demonstrate it nearly as often as I should have. Is this you?

Let’s look further and start to unpack the bigger picture:

If you continue to do ALL the tasks that you do…

What would the impact be if you left tomorrow?

  • What gaps would there be?
  • What would the consequence be for the pharmacy, patients and your team?
  • What would the gain be?
  • Who would be the obvious person/s to step up?

What is the impact on individuals in your team if you don’t delegate or share the load?

  • Does it stifle their growth?
  • How does it affect their job satisfaction?
  • How does it affect their likelihood of promotion and employability?

What are the benefits and losses for the pharmacy?

  • Is your time invested where it is best utilised?
  • Is there opportunity to innovate and grow?
  • What are the ‘would be nice’ tasks that never happen?

What is the impact on you?

  • What are you not doing that would you like to?
  • Do you harbour resentment or does the burden feel heavy sometimes?
  • What is the personal cost if nothing changes?

There is no shame in answering these questions truthfully, whatever your answers. Reflecting on our leadership allows us the starting point for change.  

Taking into consideration the bigger picture when decision-making enables us to see these other perspectives that live simultaneously alongside the truth we tell ourselves. It allows us to see beyond the short-term pain and inconvenience of rearranging well-worn habits and opens the door to opportunity.

So I ask you, in terms of your availability of time, after this reflection, what other truths live in your pharmacy?

If you’re ready to take the next step, think about what you will begin laying the foundation to delegate now. If you want a simple worksheet that will help you to minimise the overwhelm and take action, you can download it by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

When things get hard, take time to reflect again on what the big picture is and why it’s important to upskill others.

Creating insight for Pharmacy Leaders to make meaningful adjustments to their leadership style is what the Emotionally Intelligent Pharmacy Leader’s Program does. Participants start with world-class assessments that create awareness and then together we walk through the most personalised pharmacy leadership program you could ask for yourself or your team. One that is safe, warm, understanding and all about you. These aren’t my words, this is the feedback people like you give me after completing program.

If you are ready to find more time, and improve your business, your leadership team and your extended staff, I am ready to talk.

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