Empower your team and elevate your pharmacy’s success with the comprehensive…

Expanding Team Capacity CPD Series.

Capitalizing on full-scope of practice opportunities demands more than clinical upskilling.

It requires a cohesive, adaptable team equipped with effective communication skills and a readiness for new challenges.

We both know that though, right?

What you’re looking for is a win-win formula.

A win-win formula helps your pharmacy achieve the financial or operational goals it has. At the same time, it also educates individuals so they can work autonomously, communicate with confidence and take control of their job satisfaction.
That’s why this five-part CPD series has been crafted to equip your staff with the essential tools required:
  • Gain the confidence to stretch beyond their comfort zone
  • Work autonomously to work unassisted, freeing up Pharmacists
  • Develop empathy towards colleagues and patients alike
  • Engage in the work and the trajectory of the pharmacy
  • Have authentic communication skills to articulate their needs, concerns and thoughts

Investing in your team is investing in your pharmacy.

Why enrol your team?

Pharmacies face ongoing change and challenges that demand CPD solutions beyond clinical training. Our series goes beyond the norm, addressing critical challenges that derail teams and prevent growth such as:

  • Staff conflict
  • Misunderstandings from poor (or non-existent) communication
  • Unconscious bias and the stories staff tell themselves
  • Reluctance to change

Empower your team, elevate your pharmacy.

Invest in your pharmacy’s future. Our flexible webinar series allows you to select individual sessions, or the complete series. The more sessions and staff you invest in, the greater the savings.

Five interactive webinars, designed for today’s pharmacies

Where participants walk away with tangible tools to improve the pharmacy, patient outcomes and themselves.

Webinar One: Authentically Navigate Conflict

23 April 2024, 7pm AEST

Transform conflicts into stepping stones toward a more resilient and thriving pharmacy environment.

  • Explore how conflict, despite its discomfort, can serve as a catalyst for positive change.
  • Learn to engage in conflict constructively and authentically
  • Discover how conflict can provide valuable insights, foster personal and professional growth, and open doors to new opportunities within the pharmacy setting.

Webinar Two: The Road from Confusion to Clarity

14 May 2024, 7pm AEST

It’s time to move beyond blaming others and discover the power within ourselves to understand how our internal narratives fuel confusion.

  • A transformative journey for everyone in your team, where we’ll unravel the secrets of turning confusion into clarity within the pharmacy environment.
  • Learn practical strategies to identify your own narrative, then,
  • Foster conversations that contribute to creating smoother, more efficient pharmacy teams.

Webinar Three: Optimise Communication, Optimise Outcomes

18 June 2024, 7pm AEST

Effective communication lies at the core of our success in pharmacy practice. Whether that be between colleagues or when communicating with patients the greater our communication skills are, the better the outcomes will be.

  • Learn why some people feel entirely incompatible with you and why others feel like instant friends.
  • Learn how to bridge gaps, minimize misunderstandings, and simplify the communication process.

Webinar Four: Increasing Self-Awareness through Feedback

23 July 2024, 7pm AEST

In this webinar discover the power of self-awareness as we explore the connection between emotions, personal responsibility, and workplace effectiveness.

  • Explore the science behind emotion creation
  • Learn practical strategies for expanding your self-awareness, including seeking feedback.
  • Leave with a greater awareness about self-regulation and how to positively contribute to a feedback culture
  • Learn how self-awareness affects team dynamics and team performance.

Webinar Five: Working with Empathy

20 August 2024, 7pm AEST

Join us for a webinar that shifts the focus from patient empathy to fostering empathy within the pharmacy team. Empower your pharmacy with the tools to build an environment conducive for optimising full-scope outcomes, growth and success.

  • Gain invaluable insights into the practical application of empathy towards their colleagues
  • Lay the foundation for psychological safety and mitigating psychosocial hazards
  • Discover a framework for translating empathy into meaningful action
  • Enhance team cohesion, and a nurturing a supportive work culture.

About Your Facilitator

Chantelle is a Pharmacist, Leadership Coach, Emotional Intelligent Practitioner and an accredited Global DISC™️ Partner. She combines her Pharmacist Manager experience with further education in emotional and cultural intelligence to provide the practical power skills training pharmacists and pharmacy teams need harness leadership of themselves and others.

In Chantelle’s unique style, you can rest assured content is always relatable and she will have all stakeholders receiving a return on investment.


Is this CPD Accredited?

No. Chantelle has a goal to get emotional intelligence skills into the hands of as many pharmacists and pharmacy staff as possible. As such, this CPD Series has not been accredited purely to keep the costs down for businesses and individual attendees. Rest assured it can still be recorded as Group One CPD points at the rate of 1 point per hour.

How will you know who I am sending?

Upon purchase, I will send you a form to complete for each participant. This can either be completed at work, or you can email the form to them for completion. Once this is completed, I will send each participant a link to the webinar/s.

Will the webinars be recorded?

Yes. The webinar will be recorded and sent to each registered participant.

How long will each webinar go for?

Each webinar will be one hour in duration

I have everyone in my team from Pharmacist Managers to junior staff who are 15 years of age. Is it worth them all attending?

YES! This series has been designed to empower individuals with the important foundational skills of effective teams. The more people in your team that have these skills the better. Whether your staff have never heard of emotional intelligence before or it’s something they understand well, they will leave with practical tools to integrate into their day to help themselves, their team, their patients and their pharmacy.

You said everyone leaves with a return on investment. Can you explain?

Glad you asked. While upskilling in ‘soft skills’ (I prefer the term power skills), may seem intangible, ROI still occurs. Return on investment comes in the following ways (and more!)
– Time saved in not having to cover ‘old ground’ time and time again is money saved
– Teams with higher psychological safety record less sick days (money and inefficiency saved)
– Individuals with higher emotional intelligence are more effective team members which contributes to a higher functioning team
– Individuals with higher emotional intelligence record lower levels of burnout and increased ability to manage through complexity, high workloads and stress. Essentially, they record higher levels of mental and emotional wellbeing.
– Teams with higher psychological safety record higher levels of trust, interpersonal risk-taking, openness to change, higher discretionary effort and engagement

Can you please invoice me instead of paying through the website?

Yes. Please just send an email to chantelle@turnpharmacy.com.au outlining how many people you would like to attend and whether they are attending the whole series. If they are not, please advise which webinars you would like to purchase seats for.

How much does it cost?

A tiered pricing structure means that the more seats you purchase, the more you save. Purchase seats to the entire series and save even more. The cost for the entire series starts at as little as $52 per person. Complete pricing will be outlined via the shop once tickets go on sale or, you can download the schedule here.

Can I join with other people not in my pharmacy to take advantage of group savings?

My aim is to get these skills into as many hands as possible, so yes! The only stipulation is that if you are purchasing individual webinars, you all have to attend the same one/s.

Ready to enhance full-scope outcomes?