Cultivate Success: International Pharmacists

Join me, on 5 October at 7 pm AEST for a communication & culture masterclass.

You have passed your KAPS exam. You might have already have landed your first pharmacist position in Australia. But, there is still a missing piece of the puzzle.

How will you cultivate your own success?

Our success hinges on our ability to communicate. Communicate to patients, other health professionals, superiors, staff and peers.

While this is the same wherever you work, practising in a different country increases these challenges.

🟡What cultural differences are there?
🟡What is considered ‘normal’?
🟡How can I build strong relationships?
🟡What will I do if I am struggling with patients or colleagues?

Join me.

For an unprecedented masterclass to learn the must-know things about Australian culture and communication to help supercharge your career. Together, we will unpack:

⭐ Common Australian communication and behaviour traits
⭐ How culture influences communication
⭐ How to minimise misunderstandings
⭐ Strategies to improve confidence
⭐ Common challenges in the pharmacy and how to approach them

After this masterclass you will leave with the insight and tools to manage cultural and communication challenges in the pharmacy.

I will see you on the inside.


Hi I’m Chantelle Turner

Pharmacist and Leadership Coach

As a former Pharmacist Manager who appreciates the challenges and opportunities of working within a Pharmacy, I assists clients with the life and leadership skills required to have a successful career. Too often the sole focus is placed on the development of clinical skills alone. This leaves Pharmacist’s vulnerable to burnout, poor interprofessional collaboration and team relationships as well as decreased job satisfaction. The risk of this is only compounded when commencing a career in a country different to where the original pharmacist qualification was obtained.

By providing practical tools, support and confidence, I help people like you shift from surviving to thriving. This allows them to achieve the life they desire both personally and professionally, creating win-win-win situations.

A win for the individual, the workplace and the community.