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Harness the power of emotions and perform at your best.

Emotions in the workplace became a hot topic when Daniel Goleman initially investigated them many years ago. But have you really considered how emotions impact your performance? Do you know what emotional intelligence is, or how to develop it?

It can be tough to figure out what emotional intelligence really means and how to use it in your professional life.

This is why we created the course Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & You

What will I learn?

In this course, you will learn the basics about the science of emotions and the profound impact they have on decisions, behaviours and performance. You will also learn how to use this information to form the base of emotionally intelligent leadership. This short yet powerful course will change the way you think about emotions and open up a world of opportunity through:

Understanding how emotions impact the way we see others leads to better communication and teamwork.
Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and why you react the way you do in certain situations.
Becoming more self-aware and learning to manage your reactions better.
Understanding what are emotionally intelligent behaviours and how you can leverage them.

This course is for you if…

  • You are in a leadership role and are not getting through to your team.
  • You are a pharmacist with management aspirations or are wanting to be involved in leading a pharmacy or a workforce
  • You are tired of change not sticking
  • You can’t mind the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating engagement within your team
  • You are an owner wanting to ensure that you are fostering a workplace environment that is built to meet people’s needs
  • You believe that the answer for both individual and team success is treating people as whole people

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how emotions impact our unconscious bias
  • Explain the definition of emotional intelligence
  • Describe why emotions are important to performance
  • List the six emotional intelligence competencies
  • Differentiate between transactional and transformational leadership
  • Explain how emotional intelligence underpins emotionally intelligent leadership and transformational leadership

CPD Information

  • The 2016 Competency Standards addressed by this activity include: 4.1 & 4.3
  • When completed in its entirety, this course is eligible for 1.75 Group 2 self-recorded CPD Credits
  • Please note this course is yet to be certified.

What’s Included