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Chantelle Turner

Helping Community Pharmacists Lead Confidently, Positively and Sustainably.

Join me to learn how to use skills that drive success, prevent burnout, increase staff engagement and allow you to be the best Pharmacist you can be, in a way that is unique to you.

Is your leadership style costing you your quality of life and job satisfaction?

Are you left feeling like you’re doing everything, thinking for everyone and getting no where?

Are you ready to lead on your teams in 2022?

Come join the Community Pharmacist Leadership Coaching Circle!

Leadership is not a title or a position, it is an action, a way of being. It is the way you show up for yourself and for others.

To be a great leader, there is not a one size fits all formula. It’s as nuanced and individual as you are. Leadership coaching should be the same. This course will put tools in your toolbox to use today, tomorrow, at your current place in life and where you will be in 10 years time. It will help you develop strategies that will improve your leadership and team performance at this Pharmacy and at the next.

Get ready to learn how to:

Use self-reflection to grow as a person as well as a Pharmacist

Communicate in a way to be heard and understood (both to your superiors and your staff)

Reduce your risk of burnout by empowering others in your team to be independent thinkers and doers

Look at self, store and staff through the lens of opportunity as opposed to focussing on barriers

Develop your own leadership style that suits you

“Before taking this course, I was working long hours, approaching burn-out and not seeing a way out. Now, I no longer feel overwhelmed or inadequate as a leader.”

What’s included?

Lifetime access to six digital modules to listen and work through at your own pace.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership & You

Did you know that there are six leadership styles within emotionally intelligent leadership? This session explains the fundamental leadership philosophies that will underpin your learning for this course.

Identify Your Goal & Find Ground Zero

Often, we can identify a broad goal such as ‘I want better work-life balance’ or, ‘I want to be able to delegate more tasks to other staff members,’ but we don’t take the time to really dig deep and see what that looks, feels and sounds like. This session will help you excavate your goal to make it clear. It will also show you how to find ground zero. Ground zero is the starting point, the true starting point that comes before all others.

Gain Buy-in by Tapping Into the ‘Why’

Whether your goal is what you can consider an individual goal or a team goal, gaining buy-in and acceptance from those around you will most likely be vital for your success. In this session, we will explore how to gain this buy-in by tapping into the ‘why’ of your goal and how to communicate it to others.

Goal Achieving in Teams

By this time in the course, you should have completed some heavy lifting with finding ground zero and beginning to gain buy-in from your team. While both important, if you can involve your team in creating goals and action plans, you will once again increase your success. This session will focus on ways practical ways to execute this on a daily basis and in turn improve the ownership and accountability amongst your team.

Hiccups are inevitable and there will be times when you’re met with external resistance and something or someone just won’t play the game. This session will explore the human side to why roadblocks occur and give you tools to strategically use your leadership skills to work through them.

Setting Up for Long Term Success

Having tools in the toolkit to deal with down days, flat days and the days when you’re just glad you’re upright is vital for long-term success. In this last session, we bring it home strong to show you practical ways to practice self-care and maintain momentum regardless of how you’re feeling.

Exclusive access to a Facebook group just for circle attendees.

This group is a safe space to interact, encourage accountability, share successes and frustrations, as well as bounce ideas. We may be spread across the country but our journeys are so similar. Let’s use the power of the collective to create a place for positivity.

Bonus Gift

By signing up for the course, you will also receive a FREE copy of the Community Pharmacy Skills Audit e-Workbook.

“I enjoyed sharing the journey with Pharmacists in similar circumstances and talking about what they are facing. It was good talking to them and seeing their journeys along the way as well.”

What else are clients are saying…

“This course helps to develop those skills really not taught in university or even through CPD training and it can really change your life.”

“This course is not just for those in a leadership role but really for all Pharmacists as the skills taught are essential to drive success, prevent burnout, improve work engagement and grow soft skills which ultimately will help to improve the business.”

“I would recommend the Community Pharmacist Leadership Coaching Circle to anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves and the best Pharmacist they can be, which I’m sure is everyone. The skills taught are applicable to anyone at any stage of their career.”

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Identify Your Goal & Find Ground Zero
Generate Buy-In by Tapping into the 'Why'
Achieving Goals in Teams - a process to encourage ownership and accountability
Navigating Roadblocks
Set Yourself and the Team Up for Long-Term Success