Join me, on 4 July 2023 at 7 pm AEST for a communication masterclass.

We are all unique, yet all predictably different. Learn the secrets you haven’t been told to break down the art of communication like you never have before.

Our success hinges on our ability to communicate. Communicate to patients, other health professionals, superiors, staff and peers.

Working within Pharmacy, you know how to practice with empathy and actively listen.

You also know that sometimes, that alone is just not enough.

What do you do then?

What do you do when there is a chasm between you and the person you’re talking to?

Join me.

For an unprecedented masterclass to learn what it takes to master communication in the pharmacy. Together, we will unpack a model that helps:

Bridge gaps between people
⭐ Minimises misunderstandings
⭐ Show you what, how & why to communicate, simplifying the process
⭐ Improves outcomes
⭐ Decreases stress
⭐ Increases trust
⭐ Leverages diversity
⭐ Increases psychological safety

After this masterclass you will have no choice but to see a new way of communicating.

You will leave this masterclass being able to bridge the gap between your intention and the actual impact you have on others. Actioning this is the secret to effective communication. Come on in and I will show how.

I will see you on the inside.


Hi I’m Chantelle Turner

Pharmacist and Leadership Coach

As a former Pharmacist Manager, my experiences ignited my passion for developing the communication skills of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. Working in such a demanding environment without the proper tools to effectively communicate my needs, led me to experience burnout.
A huge part of getting myself back on my feet, was taking action and learning the skills I needed to better advocate for myself. Along my journey, I learned how to communicate effectively with others and use emotional intelligence to build successful relationships both at work and in life.
Combining personal and industry experience as well as furthering education has lead me to where I am now, helping pharmacists and key personnel develop the life and leadership skills they require to improve their lives their workplaces and their communities.