Coaching & Mentoring

Having a coach and mentor in your corner can help you not only survive, but thrive.

Let’s be honest, juggling work and life can be overwhelming some days. In Pharmacy, burnout is experienced often. Discussions about job dissatisfaction and a Pharmacist’s role, are seemingly never-ending. When a leadership role is piled on top of an already full bucket, whether it’s the role you have always wanted or you have landed there by default, the right skills, mindset and approach are critical to ensure you not only survive but thrive.

Why hire a coach and mentor?

True leaders know they aren’t the keeper of all knowledge, they trust their gut and constantly seek greater insight and awareness into themselves and what is happening around them. In doing so they unlock the power of the collective and find paths they never knew existed and opportunities beyond their expectations.
A coach helps facilitate this exact process.

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that helps inspire you to maximise your personal and professional potential. The coaching process can improve your outlook on work and life, improve your leadership skills and unlock your potential. With proven methods and an accountability buddy by your side, Chantelle will help you navigate your career and your role in a way that makes you feel confident and capable.

What could I experience from coaching and mentoring?

The outcomes you can experience through coaching are many varied however here are a few examples of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results TURN Pharmacy Leadership clients have achieved.

People who have taken advantage of working with Chantelle have left feeling more confident and capable to lead themselves and those around them before they were coached or mentored.

TURN Pharmacy Leadership offers one free, discovery session to help you understand what coaching is and begin to identify what goals you would like to achieve.

The Process

The thought of investing in coaching and mentoring for yourself or your staff in a different way may leave you feeling wary. It makes sense, just like you can reduce the fear of a new process in your pharmacies with clear, open communication and a set of handrails (procedures) to guide your staff through, you’re likely looking for this from us as well.

Read on to understand the process in a bit more detail.

Step 1: Book your initial, free consultation here.

Chantelle prides herself on accessibility. She can coach via Zoom anywhere in Australia, or in-person if you are in the Townsville area.

Step 2: Chantelle will send you a welcome kit and together you will arrange a time to meet.

Step 3: Prepare for & attend your first coaching session

Preparation is simple and a key component of getting the most of any session. You will want to ensure:

  • You have one hour of uninterrupted time for the session
  • You have had 5 minutes or more to take a breath and come with open mind.
  • You are ready to get to know each other a bit more. Remember, coaching is a partnership! I will want to get to know a bit about you professionally and personally, what brought you here and what you aim to achieve. I will also explain in more detail what coaching is, my role and what you can expect.

Step 4: If you loved it

If after this, if you are ready to take the leap to a better leadership future, together we can formulate a plan for the number of coaching sessions and the frequency with which you wish to engage them. I will send you a contract outlining what we have discussed, my responsibilities as coach, and yours as the coachee.

Each coaching session goes for one hour. After each coaching session, you can expect a written summary of what we spoke of and likely some ‘homework’ that you have identified for yourself. This is generally practical things that will move you further towards your overall goal.

Step 5: If you decide coaching through TURN Pharmacy Leadership is not for you

Though coaching is a really supportive process, sometimes it pushes us out of our comfort zone by asking difficult questions or putting a spotlight on areas of our life (professional or personal) that we need to work on or we simply don’t like. Also, coaching is what you want, but you don’t feel the fit with your coach is right. Chantelle respects this completely.

If you decide after your first session that this is not for you. There is no obligation to proceed further.

If you start the process and after a few sessions, feel you’re too far outside your comfort zone, please talk to Chantelle! She will be your biggest support! But, if you feel that coaching is really not for you, that’s ok. The first three paid sessions are offered with a free cancellation policy. All I ask is you pay for the time we have already spent.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of coaching sessions I need to sign up for?

No. You can choose as many or few coaching sessions as you like. After your first session, your coach will however recommend how many sessions they feel may be appropriate. You may choose to take this advice and lock in regular frequency and a package price. Or, you may prefer to pay as you go, choosing to book only one session in advance.

I am an owner of a Pharmacy and I would like to provide coaching and mentorship as a professional development opportunity for my staff. Can you assist with this?

Absolutely! Looking at the ever-increasing advertisements for skilled labour in community pharmacies across the country as well as the social media posts from community pharmacists about job dissatisfaction and burnout, it is evident that staff require professional development opportunities such as coaching and mentoring. TURN Pharmacy Leadership works with businesses to help support leaders to gain the tools they need to be the leaders you need in your business. Please reach out to discuss what you had in mind as custom packages, tailored to your business needs is what TURN Pharmacy Leadership does best. Alternatively, you may wish to pop over and look at the Emotionally Intelligent Pharmacy Leaders Program as well.

I am looking to provide coaching sessions for my staff, am I entitled to know about what they discuss?

No. Coaching and mentoring is confidential. To ensure the best benefits for everyone, a safe space is paramount and confidentiality forms a cornerstone of this. As the sponsor, Chantelle will have an initial discussion with you to address your goals around providing coaching, the business and where it is heading. This will help Chantelle provide coaching and mentorship in the context of your business. Chantelle will also organise a meeting between the coachee, yourself as the sponsor and herself to ensure a clear understanding of what will and will not be disclosed. Of course, if something arises that places the coachee, sponsor or anyone involved within the pharmacy in imminent danger or at risk of serious legal action, the sponsor will be made aware to ensure everyone’s safety.

This all sounds good, but will I get a return on investment?

Coaching, specifically coaching surrounding emotional intelligence, has been shown to provide between 2.2 to 4.2 return on investment. It is a common misconception that coaching is only for high-level leaders. Providing coaching to your frontline leaders, your pharmacists and key personnel, is a proven way to help your pharmacy’s performance, and increase staff retention, engagement and profit.

I am an aspiring leader, is it too early to invest in coaching?

It is never too early to invest in coaching. Our first act of leadership is to ourselves. Being able to be self-aware and manage our own emotions are important pillars to strength before we can become aware of others, emotionally reason and become a positive influence. Being involved in coaching early in your career can not only set you up for professional success but also provide you a solid foundation to minimise the risk of burnout.

Is coaching the same as counselling?

No. Coaching is not the same as counselling, nor is it a substitute for such a service. If you require mental health support, we recommend you see your General Practitioner of psychologist. Rather, the coaching relationship is one of collaboration and support, helping coachee’s identify and achieve both personal and professional goals. If at any time your coach feels that you may require additional support for your mental health, she will discuss this with you.

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What Clients are Saying

I have made changes that I never thought I would make and it feels surreal.

Pharmacist ManagerVIC

Working with Chantelle has been an extremely positive experience. I have felt supported and empowered as I transition through a change in my career path. I recommend Chantelle’s coaching services to any pharmacist looking for increased job satisfaction or support in taking their career in a new direction.

General Practice Pharmacist, QLD

Prior to working with Chantelle, I experienced confusion, self-doubt and anxiety surrounding my work. She helped me understand my workplace goals and I now have greater confidence in my work…I would recommend Chantelle to anyone who is struggling to articulate what they are not enjoying about their work. I would also recommend Chantelle to businesses with staff who are not performing to a standard and do not seem happy.

Courtney, Pharmacist, NSW

Before working with Chantelle I was all over the place and my ideas were scattershot, Chantelle has helped me see the light. She opened me up to ways I can use to be more organized I’m feeling more confident now that I started to put some of the coaching ideas into practice. I would strongly recommend Chantelle to anyone who wants to widen their horizons.

Pharmacist-in-Charge, NSW