Why TURN Pharmacy Leadership?

Not only did I start my business TURN Pharmacy Leadership to help Pharmacists improve their leadership skills. I did it to help Community Pharmacy. I believe we go to uni, do our degree and come out as Pharmacists. This is great! We are healthcare professionals! But…if we go into a career in Community Pharmacy, by the nature of our status (aka “Pharmacist”), we become leaders. This is where things can go awry. We’re not taught how to lead people. We’re taught empathy for customers, but not necessarily for staff. We aren’t taught emotional intelligence…nor how to use it in a leadership sense. Basically, I noticed a gap in between the leadership qualities needed and the leadership qualities possessed by Pharmacist’s, no matter their job title.

I believe that everyone is out to fundamentally do good, sometimes we’re just not given all the tools that we need to succeed. I want to help Pharmacists-in-charge, Pharmacist Managers or simply any Pharmacist with a thirst for improved leadership skills to have the opportunity to be heroes in their own stores, your stores. I want to help you to achieve the success that comes with engaging a workforce, understanding people and leading in an emotionally intelligent way. I also want to help you effectively see situations from multiple viewpoints to allow everyone the ability to be a part of the solution.

I empower Pharmacists to identify, articulate and execute their vision to become game-changers for their job satisfaction and for the stores in which they work.

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TURN stands for: Trust. Upskill. Reignite. Nurture.

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Overcoming the pain points in community Pharmacy.

When you look at Pharmacy and poll after poll saying Community Pharmacists have poor job satisfaction it’s easy to say that it’s predominantly about the pay rate. Yes, that is without a doubt, a contributor. But, the troubles that Community Pharmacists face have been the same for a long time. Balancing the retail/dispensary staff divide, meeting KPIs, retail vs service models, balancing running a profitable business with providing clinical information and a health service to patients, leading and managing within a franchise model and the list goes on. All of these pressures on the surface seem likely contributors to the reason why staff disengagement and poor job satisfaction occurs. (if you want to see some statistics about staff disengagement click here)

The way I see it though is that these troubles and more are likely going to be around long after you and I are both retired (and I’m a long way off yet!). While we may not be able to change these pressures, we can change the way we deal with them on a daily basis. Pharmacist’s on the frontline of Community Pharmacy are grossly underutilised and ill-equipped to mitigate these pressures on a daily basis. To mitigate these pressures, we need to get back to being a people-based business. By that I don’t just mean customers, I mean about leading your staff and identifying where there are pain points in your Pharmacy which prevent you from making headway on your KPIs, your store culture, profit and overall growth.

Frontline Pharmacists, specifically Pharmacist Managers are the link between higher management and the staff at the coalface of the Pharmacy. By equipping Pharmacist’s (yourself!) with the tools to effectively communicate and understand themselves, their staff and their store; everyone wins!

Are you ready for your leadership defining moment?

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