Hi, I’m Chantelle Turner. I help leaders unlock what it takes to become more effective in their workplaces and yours.

‘ I want to be in the arena. I want to be brave with my life. And when we make the choice to dare greatly, we sign up to get our asses kicked. We can choose courage, or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time.’

Brenè Brown

How I got here…

I am extremely grateful that I found my purpose early on. Maybe I didn’t know how to articulate it at the time, but subconsciously, I have always had a common and simple thread that has weaved through my life. I help inspire and empower people to grow. This looks like helping people to join the dots, increase self-awareness and unlock their potential to positively influence their own lives and those around them. With this strong sense of purpose, it is no wonder when I became a Community Pharmacist, I gravitated toward management and set about challenging the status quo, inspiring people to do better and be better. While this has never been the easy road, being in the arena and choosing courage over comfort, as Brenè puts it, has always seemed the most appropriate action for me.

Some years ago now, I realised my calling was to something bigger than one community pharmacy alone. TURN Pharmacy Leadership was created as a vehicle to once again fulfil my purpose. This time, empowering pharmacists and pivot team members to become game-changers in their lives, their workplaces and their communities. Today, I am proud to say after furthering my education and experience, I am a pharmacist, leadership coach, Genos emotional intelligence practitioner, Global DISC accredited partner and the founder of TURN Pharmacy Leadership, a leadership development business created by a pharmacist for community pharmacies.

With more than fifteen years of Community Pharmacy experience and almost ten years in management positions, I combine first-hand experience as a Pharmacist with leadership coaching, emotional intelligence, retail, and small business management qualifications to help my clients thrive. Specifically, I help clients develop their emotional intelligence and leadership skills to build engaged teams, enhance workplace culture, improve workflows, decrease burnout and increase store profitability all while keeping patient care at the heart of the pharmacy.

I graduated from James Cook University, Townsville and still live locally where I run TURN Pharmacy Leadership nationwide.

Outside of work, I am a MUM! I get the ‘Mum juggle’ on a visceral level. I also love spending time with my family, reading, cooking, riding my horses, volunteering, coaching at our local Pony Club, breeding chickens, fishing and mucking around in our veggie patch. You could say my interests are a bit of a mixed bag! Amongst all of this, I like to relax. Making time to stop and be still, is important to me too.

Change is the only constant. Community Pharmacy is working through a revolution. Make sure you and your staff are ready to seize opportunities with both hands by having the power skills required to succeed.


TURN Pharmacy Leadership Values



We build trust by being authentic. Showing up knowing our strengths and limitations. We trust ourselves, our skills and the goodwill of others.



‘The wisest mind has something yet to learn.’



We commit to getting back up and helping others to do so as well. How we come back after a struggle is where true leaders shine.



Nurturing leaders have more empathy, grow better people and build bonds that become stronger than the forces against them.

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