7 Activities to Help Reset and Reignite Infographic

Work…Eat…Sleep…Repeat… Does this sound familiar?

Have you been on a plane and the air host says, ‘in the event of the emergency please be sure to secure your own life jacket and oxygen mask first?’ Essentially, you can’t look after others if don’t look after yourself first. The same goes for leadership, we need to reignite our own flame before we can ignite others. Regardless of how time poor we are, it’s important that we afford ourselves a moment to focus on something other than ‘work’. Whether you have one minute, one hour or one day, there is something on this list that you can do to help mentally reset and reignite.

If you feel like you need more than this, there are many helpful resources to help guide you back to balance. One, in particular, is Pharmacy Support Services (PSS). PSS works on the principle of pharmacists supporting pharmacists. The service provides a listening ear over the telephone to pharmacists and pharmacy interns and students. They also have a great website with some useful digital resources to peruse.

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