Join me to learn how to use skills that drive success, prevent burnout, increase staff engagement and allow you to be the best Pharmacist you can be, in a way that is unique to you.


I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Chantelle, a Pharmacist Leadership Coach. As a Pharmacist and former Pharmacy Manager, I have been in the box seat with you riding the highs and the lows of Community Pharmacy. The long shifts, the dispensary/retail staff divide, the struggle to balance services with profit, a BDM wanting to discuss your KPIs all while you waltz to the front counter with a broad smile to say ‘Hello Mrs Jones! How are you and how’s your Granddaughter, Katie? I just wanted to have a chat with you about your new medicine today…’(*insert sigh when you walk away*). We do all of this plus so much more on a daily basis for a career we love, but often without the job satisfaction, we hoped for.

What I have realised along my life journey, is that the way it has always been isn’t necessarily the way it always has to be. My mission is to work with Pharmacists to expand their skill set beyond the clinical realm to become leaders. I’m not talking about how to do a SWOT analysis on your Pharmacy, I mean truly lead. I help you find ways to identify then articulate your needs, and those of your store, both up and down the chain. I will also show you practical ways to unpack the thoughts and opinions of your team and bring them to common ground. This in turn helps empower others, creates team cohesion, develops a self-propelled culture, improves profit and your ability to achieve the short-term goals that the Pharmacy sets for you. Once you open up to the big picture, mindsets change and a new way of being begins. By adding these skills to your toolbox, regardless of what the title on your job description says, your professional (and personal) self will be happier and more productive. It will improve your quality of life.

Watching people struggle to achieve a quality of life at work is exactly why TURN Pharmacy Leadership was born. It is my passion project to improve Pharmacists leadership skills and emotional intelligence to empower them to be the game-changers I know they can be for the benefit of both human and financial capital. Pharmacists (YOU) are an untapped resource to yourself, your energy levels, your career trajectory and to others. I look forward to chatting with you to show you how together we can make this happen. In the meantime, have a look around and take advantage of some blog posts in the Food for Thought tab and subscribe to my newsletter to never miss new content. If you’re ready to jump on in and work one on one or collaborate, please contact me.

I can’t wait to speak to you.


Our Happy Clients!

“Chantelle helped change my perspective and the track I was on.”​

“Thank you for everything. Growing these (leadership) skills are actually life-changing.”​

“After completing the Community Pharmacist Leadership Coaching Circle I no longer feel overwhelmed and inadequate as a leader.”

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