Helping community pharmacists and key personnel become game-changers in their lives, their workplaces and their communities.


When we upskill people with emotionally intelligent leadership skills everyone wins.

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Emotional Intelligence is described as…

a critical skill for effective leaders.

Pharmacies that invest in these skills develop a sustainable, competitive advantage through building a high-performance culture of people who are significantly more engaged and who feel valued, cared for, proud and motivated.

About Chantelle, Owner of TURN Pharmacy Leadership

Chantelle helps community pharmacists and key personnel build emotionally intelligent leadership skills that benefit individuals and businesses together.

Chantelle is a pharmacist, emotional intelligence practitioner, leadership coach and the founder of TURN Pharmacy Leadership, a leadership coaching business created by a pharmacist for community pharmacies. Through her business, Chantelle fulfils her purpose of empowering pharmacists and key personnel to become game-changers in their lives, their workplaces and their communities.

By her colleagues and her clients, Chantelle has been described as an inspiring and passionate leader who helps others fulfil their potential by seeing opportunities and perspectives that would not have otherwise seen. The insight she brings is built from first-hand experience, long days and hard lessons learned, as well as a personal ongoing pursuit for growth and competence.

While Chantelle has never been a Pharmacy Owner, she has never subscribed to the ‘us’ versus ‘them’ debate. Through her business values of trust, upskilling, reigniting and nurturing, she aims to bring everyone to the table to find common ground, growth and success for all and at the expense of no one.

As a Pharmacist and former Pharmacy Manager, I understand the pressures of working in a community pharmacy. I want to help you and your staff improve their leadership skills so they can become the game-changers I know they can be for the benefit of both human and financial capital. Those on the frontline are capable of so much. Let’s give them the tools to thrive.


What Clients Are Saying

“Chantelle is an incredibly compassionate, intuitive and effective coach. She skillfully helped me find the courage to stop avoiding conflict and to have a difficult conversation with my new partner. She also helped me prioritize the steps to take to build my business, resulting in a new very strategic client. I would recommend Chantelle to anyone feeling stuck in their life and looking for a safe place to create change.”


“As some who describes herself as ‘Born for community Pharmacy’ I can spot value just glancing through … Thanks for putting this together.”


“Chantelle was able to distil my rambling into a succinct problem and give suggestions for how to proceed, including several courses of action I hadn’t considered before. She was also very flexible and understanding, in organising a session at short notice. I look forward to having further sessions to cover other things we didn’t have time to discuss. Thanks Chantelle!”


“I thoroughly recommend TURN Pharmacy Leadership – by Chantelle Turner. Chantelle has set her sights on helping other pharmacists to enjoy Community Pharmacy and helping them reduce stress and burnout on the way. I’ve done the Leadership Coaching Circle (well, most of it). It’s good stuff, and based on good, renowned management principles. We will be putting our Pharmacists through this course.”


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